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Aarush Industries

Explore sporty, sturdy, scratch proof and light weight Helmets from the Redfox brand!

We at Aarush Industries celebrate the exhilarating experience of riding and racing as we work to meet needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and other riders with our range of face helmets. We focus on product safety and let it take precedence over any other factor as we realize the serious dangers involved in riding when one is not wearing a protective helmet. We know that motorcyclists and other riders cannot even think of compromising on quality aspect if they wish to escape traumatic and fatal injuries in the event of any accident. Therefore, we design quality helmets in many styles that can be worn while riding two wheelers, skiing, skating or engaging in any activity where the head is susceptible to accidental injuries. Therefore, whether one is looking for flip-ups, full face or open face helmets, we sell it all under our popular brand name Redfox. Each design in Carbon Matt Finish Full Face Helmet, Getz Open Face Black Helmet, Getz Bomber Open Face Army Helmet, Carbon Trim Graphics Full Face Helmet, etc., that we offer as a trusted manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter fits quality criteria of the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) and can be dispatched, PAN India, on time.


What We Do

Our Team

Exemplifying our passion towards our services and our excellent work ethics is our team of 25 knowledgeable and zealous employees who are the pride of Aarush Industries.

Our Facilities

When we opened our doors in 2017, we knew we would soon become a leading brand known for selling top quality products at marginal prices. We could realize this aim in just a span of a few years with the help of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Future Aim

To give safe riding experience to everyone on wheels, both women and men, across the global market, by maintaining a large inventory of solidly built and prudently priced Carbon Helmet, Trim Helmet, etc.
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